Who Do you Love?

Dad ask akpors: who do u love more, Mum or Dad?

Akpors – Both.

Dad – ok if I go to America and your mum goes to Paris, where will you go?

Akpors – Paris

Dad -that means u like ur mum more?

Akpors – no I like Paris.

Dad – ok , if I go to Paris and your mum goes to America, where will u go??

Akpors – America.

Dad – (angry) Why??

Akpors – coz I’ve been to Paris before!

Look At My Leg !

Johnbull’s first day in new a school.

Teacher: There will be an elementary science test next week. Contrary to his nature, Johnbull reads his book from cover to cover like no man’s business. On test day, teacher lines up about 5 birds, covering each with a piece of cloth so only their legs are visible.

Question 1: Looking at the leg of a bird write down its’ common name, species, family, zoological name, habitat etc. After about 20mins of frustration and not writing down anything, Johnbull storms to the teacher’s desk and slams his blank

sheet in front of the teacher. ‘Sir, this test makes no sense! I am going home!’

Teacher: What a rude boy! Come back here. What is your name?

Johnbull raises his trouser and points to his leg: ‘Oya u too, look my leg na, tell me my name, my surname, where I dey live, which tribe I come from, oya na


Tit For Tat

Benji and Wole were sitting outside a clinic. Benji was crying very loud.

Wole asked: “Why are you crying?”

Benji sobbed: “I came for a blood test.”

Wole asked: “so are you afraid?”

Benji: “For blood test they have to cut my finger.”

As Wole heard this, he started crying profusely.

Astonished, Benji asked Wole “Why are you crying now?”

Wole replied: “I came for a urine test, and u know what that means. Yekpa! I don die oo







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