Naija News -Tuberculosis test for Nigerians travelling to the UK from 2013

Nigerian News- Nigeria UK tuberculosis test

If person wan travel to  UK from naija in 2013 dem must now submit for TB  test as part of the visa process. Na mr Hooman Nouruzi the person wey dey talk for the British Embassey na im talk dis for Abuja according to vanguard. Dis new law go affect 67 countries wey World Health Organisation (WHO) say dem be ‘tuberculosis endemic’ contries , grammar! Dem no talk exactly when for 2013 dem go start but make una begin to prepare ya self. Hospiatls wey go do de test go dey so no be just any deji and emeka medical centre go do am. British embassey dey give around 10 ooo visa every month to naija people.

Dis na serious yawa now to travel go jand, economy dey recession for western world so every country dey tink ways how dem go make money. No better way than mugus wey dey Africa . In addition to visa fees, queues and insult now person go add tuberculosis checkup and trust na for very expensive hospital the tin go be. Just pray say as you dey go interview for embassey make cough no catch you becos na for tropical disease unit you go find yaself. Ejoo! 🙂

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