Naija Tori -This Tall Midget with crutches!

Original story for correct english by naija babe Chinwe Chine.

In di year of Jehova 1994, I get work as Project Manager for new company for Lagos along Marina side for naija.Most of us wey dey work dia na young people full of energy, wey dey hussle for our life. Me and dis babe wey dey work for reception come be friends. She dey come work for early momo and me I dey leave office early. She be real fine gal,omalicha babe, tomato Jos! She get chubby face, skin no get krokro, perfect hair, perfect teeth ,I dey sure say na Sunday God create am after e don rest well .Infact make we call am naija Helen of Troy! She sabi make me laugh well well and you no wan hear me laugh becos na one kin crase laugh wey dey make my oda collegues laugh but dey vex my boss (no mind di bad belle man).

Everytime wey I pass reception counter me and my friend dey gist, dey laugh and I dey enjoy her company. Na her desk I go first land in di morning drop my bag, go do amebo for oda people office. After some months wey I dey work dia, Lagos Trade fair come Tafawa Balewa Square near my office , so I tell my freind say make we go together go see wetin dey for Trade Fair. We come make plan how we go take escape office early , go for lunch first, chop better food, maybe some swallow for extra energy to waka round di place, after that go to the fair , den go to my house. I been dey live for Akin Adesola street in Victoria Island just near di beach and nothing better pass to dey stroll for beach, sun dey shine, chop suya know di jolly life!! So exictment dey catch me for our outing. When time reach, I run go reception and my friends dey ready and excited too. I tell am say, oya make we go and as she come dey climb down from her chair my friend just vanish! I no see am again, shuo , e be like magic. Wey she go? na winch? wetin dey happen? Next tin, somthing come touch my knee, I look down, OKOKOBIOKO!! Ewelee! Behold, my friend na midget,  she just dey around my knee and me I be like 6 feet tall.Shock catch me I no go lie, I come dey swallow imaginary eba. She come dey look me,one small quiet smile dey around her mouth, her fine eyes dey look me as if say she dey tell me ”make up my mind” you wan follow me waka for outside or make I dey behind counter on my big chair” E dey obvious say she understand di suprise wey catch me and no go mind wetin I decide to do. I breadth inside, breadth outside take my friends hand and together we waka commot for door into the Lagos sunshine. Anybody wey dey too look us or no like my friend, make im go Hug Transformer!

My people:- make we no dey judge person becos of di way dem look or wetin dem get for bodi or no get. Na God create all of us and some tins dey wey we no fit change. Make you open you heart recieve any tall midget wey dey your life or you
meet for this life, because you no fit know which kin treasure you go find.


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