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Naija jokes- Weekend Laughs

naija jokes

Naija Tori Toi!! See me see naija people oo Naija Satalite dish! How many channels person fit get?   Birthday SMS Akpos got a message from his girl friend on his Bday “Message Reads” HBD Boo…LLNP, LYSM TTYL”.  Akpos:s provok…

Naija Jokes- Akpos Baba

naija joke

A class teacher in naija dey instructs his students 2 each stand up and make a short poem about thier name and what they’d like 2 do in future. The first to start is Usman, ha said.. USMAN; my name…

Naija Jokes- Weekend Laughs

Naija boko haram

Weekend Don Land For Naija ! Enjoy !   Teacher: “Construct a sentence using ‘Beans’”.   Musa: “My sista cooked beans for supper last night.”   Tindo: “I had soup with beans for breakfast & lunch.”   emeka: I love…