Naija International – Snake Pastor Dies From Snake Bite

Naija News -Pentecostal snake handler

I know no how people dey read bible sha. Dis pentecostal pastor wey die na serpent handler, today na di first time I dey hear that one. Naija pastors dey wey dey handle serpent too?? Men, if naija pastor try dat one, offering go drop, people no go show, who wan die? IF mistake happen snake fall from pastor hand enter church, ewelekwu! church don scatter be dat.

Dis pastor for america be Mark Randall and dis serpent handling dey im blood, im papa too wey be pastor also die because di snake im dey hold too bite am in 1983. Papa and pikin die the same way , if no be say dem dey america, man for tink weda person dey call dia name for village.

Dis pastor believe say na bible mandate christians to handle serpents to test dia faith in God and if snake bite you make you trust in God to heal you. Make God no vex o, I love God but unless angel Gabriel come for my koro koro tell me say I must siddon near snake no ammagedon go take me near one. Dis tori for funny if to say life no just waste.

Faith dey, common sense dey and na God give di two both of them, how person go dey play with dangerous snake like dis, dey challenge snake, shuo!  Hope say im pickin too no go begin dey carry snake , if not we go know say true true person dey dia village dey call dia name inside water. Oyiibo talk say once bitten twice shy. Anyway, di person wey don die don give, may he RIP.

See pentecostal snake handler in action.

Pentecostal Snake Handler

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