Naija Politics -Presidency 1st Anniversary : Blame game and differences on performance


Na wa o. Naija Presido dey do 1-year bedday as president and na fight dem wan use begin  de jolly.  According to Vanguard, prez Goodluck and National Assembly people dey  argue wetin each arm of govment suppose do and na who get fault as naija no dey  move forward. National Assemble people say , our own na to pass bill , presido no  gree sign am and him with oda executive people no gree do thier work. Presido say  noo! no be so, say if im send bill to Assembly people den go change the whole tin  e no come resemble the original again and since na we we PDP e no understand why  dem go dey change tin wey dem campaign for.

This PDP people dey craz o!! Na now una dey argue wetin be function of the  different arms of govmnet? So since we una dey rule naija, una no even know wetin  you job suppose be…ewo!!! Oga Jona, na light matter, water matter, road matter  and food to chop people wan hear. Original bill, taiwan bill, tokunboh bill, wetin  concern agbero with overload? Dis na real demonstration-of-craz (democracy) naija  style.

Anyway, Happi bad-day!

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