Naija Politic -Oil thieves have hijacked political power – NNPC dey rake

Crude Oil

NNPC dey cry say thief thief people don dey control oyell fileds for Niger Delta. Tribune report say Group Managing Director Mr. Austin Oniwon talk say de criminal runs don dey too much and naija dey loose 180k barrels of oyell per day. A whole Ghana need only 120k barrels a day so de thief people dey tap oyell wey fit run a whole country. Oga of NNPC dey vex say this oyell area boys don get plenty plenty money, use de money dem get sponsor local govment election and settle all the local govment people. As e be now, nobody dey look their side so na free flow of oyell for naija delta for them. Oga NNPC dey talk all dis when National Asemly people visit am. E com dey beg dem say make dem do quick pass de Petroleum Industry bill.

Oga NNPC, make you no make me laugh, you wan make thief catch thief!! LWKMD! Naija people still dey look which messiah go save us from de thief thief of National Assembly. You know how much the assemble people allawee be? Even as dey come visit you the money wey dem share as travel allawee fit pass the 180k barrels the naija delta boys dey thief.

NNPC just dey vex becos de delta boys dey shorten their ration. Make all of una go siddon, all de money NNPC make how e affect the life of ordinary people. Oga NNPC make I give you advice, na only advice o, NNPC, assembly and naija delta thief dem all of una just dey phuck up and naija people know wetin dey, so make all of una stop this nonsense before naija people go revolt one day. If you no want my advice make all of una go hug transformer!

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