Naija News – Army want more money


Oturukweke! A retired naija army oga who be deputy govnor of Bayelsa Mr. John Jonah (shaun sir! ) say  army people need money  even though dem recieve an orobo portion of mpney for budget.  Oga Jonah say na small tinini 1% of the GDP wey come army side, e say out of the  921billion naira wey reach army  pocket, 80% dey go on recurrent expenses. Ethnic and religious violence don plenty so make govment put hand increase army money.

Na dis kind rubbish news dey vex naija people. On top of all the wahala army people with thier broda police dey give person, on top of 921 billion naira wit notin to show , shame no dey catch dis man to say make naija govment give army more money. Anyway I no blam am, na espiri de corp e dey do, dey fine extra kuza for im people, but make dem easy pity ordinary man. More than 900 billion, still yet kidnapping, boko, armed robbery , harrasment dey rain pass. Wahala dey oo. Which dey sun go shine make me to get from this 1%, if una know road update your personal person for naija tori. Ejoo!

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