News International – Swedish Left Party Want Men To Siddon to Piss

naija news- peeing in sweden


Katakata go burst for  Sweden o! Swedish left party put motion sey make men dey siddon for toilet if dem wan piss. Okokobioko! For Sörmland County Council in central Sweden ,na were dis go soo n happen. Two reason make dem  do this.

No .1  Hygien- no one wan dia shoe leg  dey touch piss wey mistake fall for ground

No. 2 The left party quote medical research wey say  e better for men to piss if dem sit becos dem go empty dia bladder well well pas if dem stand.

Dis new method of evacuation of piss go help reduce prostrate cancer and give men better sex life sef . Oya oo, awon boys wetin una dey wait for , begin to dey piss sitting down make ya life better. Na oga Viggo Hansen of the left party , a man who propose di aidea say make everybody dey sit down and make toilet become clean and genderless. AAAAAh , I saw your hand now! You wan to dey follow woman go toilet, see ya life? So na genderless toilet be di main tin ehn. yeye !

When I been first see di news I tink say na woman dey talk now I see di guy agenda . No be clean toilet dey worry am , Im wan dey follow babe for office dey enter di same toilet . See dis guy. Make im come naija come propose dat kin law. Naija men, una go dey piss sitting down too?

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