Naija Story- You Go Marry?

toasting babeA guy travelled from the UK with hopes of marrying a decent naija babe. He came to warri and had plans of marrying one babe Elohor. He got to a hotel to book a room for them to meet and decided to call Elohor. The following conversation ensured;
Charles: dearie I’m trying to get a room for us, I’m at Woodridge hotel.
Elohor: no don’t, its too expensive and the facilities not worth that cash, check Hotel Excel, it is better but Kayriott is the best.
Charles: ok, I’ll try Kayriott.
Elohor: when you get to Kayriott don’t take room 112, the bed is not strong enough, and if they give you room 214, don’t take it. The AC is not good. room 312 is better but the hot side of the shower is bad. however, try room411, although its hard to open the door most time. better still just take room 510.
Charles immediately dropped the call and took the next flight back to UK.Guys if na you, you go still marry?



Obinna was coming back from school, singing and dancing, the father asked him and said my son this one dat you are happy, singing and dancing, I have not seen you in dis mood for a while now, the boy replied and said papa, u will not be buying new textbooks, notebooks and all the writing materials. The father shouted, that’s my son!!! but wait oo, did you win scholarship or something? The boy said noo, I AM REPEATING THE SAME CLASS AGAIN…….”The father just fainted.

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