Naija Story -Toasting Wey Backfire

Bobo: I wan give myself to you
Babe: Sorry, I no like cheap tins.

Bobo: Make I purchase one drink for you?
Babe: Actually, e better if you give me di money

Bobo: I be photographer. E don tey wey I dey find fine face like your own
Babe: I be plastic surgeon. Na your kin face I dey find do work.

Bobo: I sure say ya face dey make heads turn
Babe And ya face dey make belle turn

Bobo: Sure say I never see you for one joint before?
Babe: Yes na, das why I no dey reach dia again.

Bobo: If I fit see your naked body , I go kpeme wit happiness.
Babe: If I take eye see ya naked body, na laughter go make me die.

Bobo: How you like ya eggs for morin?
Babe: Unfertilized thanks!

Bobo: E be like say me and you don roll before, maybe once or twice?
Babe: E no go pass one time, I no dey make di same mistake two times

Big SmileBig BossAhh!
original joke by Basket Mouth

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    Nice One

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