Naija Story- Weekend Laughs!

naija funnyMy Cheque Book

Ebenezer Anangfio lost his cheque  booklet and went to the bank two days  after to report it.

Bank manager: I warned you to be  careful with your cheque book Mr  Anangfio, because anyone can forge your signature.

Mr Anangfio: I am not a fool. I have  already  signed all the cheques, so they won’t  have space to forge my signature!


Ekaete was pregnant and her madam was angry…..

Madam :- Ekaete! But i told you that if a man touches  your breast, you should say ‘DON’T’  and if he  touches your privates you should say ‘STOP!’

Ekaete :- But But maram…Na the two e dey touch at once,  so I just dey tell am ‘DON’T STOP’.


A boy found a bag of money and called one FM radio station saying;

Boy: “Hello, I found a lost bag wit  $100,000.00, an I.D and a master card  belonging to one Mr. Ifeanyi Arato, plot  4 Park View Estate, Ikoyi.

PRESENTER: u r such an honest boy!  So, I believe u want 2 return the bag?

BOY: Nooooo I dey craze??? for what?? I  just want 2 dedicate a song 2 him. pls play him, “Chop my money” by P Square ft Akon

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