Naija Story- New Dictionary Word Inspired By Nigeria

nigeria dictionary jokeFarouk’s got a new dictionary word..

Farouk (verb) to collect bribe and deny it, attributing evidence 2 video doctoring.

Past tense; farouked. Example; I have been Farouked

Farouker (noun) a person who farouks. Example; the national assembly is populated with effing faroukers

Faroukee (noun) a person who is farouked. Example; de desperate contractor became a faroukee in order 2 win de bizness

Faroukology (noun) de study of bribe collection and denial of obvious evidence. Example; adam has a degree in faroukology from de University of corruption.

Faroukracy (noun) a government of bribery, by de bribe givers for the bribe takers. Example; our nation has been practicing faroukracy from independence.

Faroukism (noun) the political ideology of bribery, corruption and coverups. Example; EFCC hav prosecute many advocates of faroukism.

Faroukoisis (noun) a chronic disorder of bribry taking and denial. Example; the doctor diagonised Adam wit acute faroukoisis.

Faroukish (adjective) having the appearance of or relating to bribery taking and denial. Example; the result of the investigation appear really faroukish.

Faroustically (adverb) carried out or done in a way dat suggest a farouk. Example; adam carried on faroustically.


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