Naija Story- My School Bag

My School Bag

A plane wan 2 crash and dia wia only 4 parachutes meanwhile dia wia 5 people on d plane. Di first was messi and he said “i’m d best footballer,i cant die now” so im take one  and left. Di 2nd was Aliko Dangote and he said “i’m di richst man in Africa? i’m to young to die”so he took one and left. President jonathan said”i’m d smartst president so i cant die now” he took di 3rd nd left. It was left the Pope and a skul girl. Di Pope said to her ” tak di last one  I’ll sacrifice my life for u”she reply say “dia are two parachutes left, Jonathan took my skool bag!

Egyptian Mummy

Akpos and Johnbull dey stand for inside  Benin Museum,  dem dey look at one  EGYPTIAN mummy  with 1227BC written below it. Johnbull  ask say; wetin dis number mean?.  Akpos reply say; Mumu, you no know say na im BB Pin when im dey alive.

Borrow Book

One man go library say im wan borrow a book on  suicide. Di Librarian look am up and dowan come say; Oga, wetin you  need the book for? Man: I wan commit suicide ,di Librarian look di man come say , ‘So na who go return di book na?


During one maths lesson..

TEACHER; What?!!,, Andrew, why you dey sleep in my class?

Andrew; am not sleepin sir.. Am just..umm..

TEACHER; (interrupts) ok,,if u’ve been payin attention, proove it by answerin dis question ; if u get 12 chocolates, u giv 4 to Nkechi, giv 3 to Halima and giv 3 to Ronke,,, wetin you go get?

Andrew; I go get 3 girlfreinds!Tongue Out Sharp guy!

Happy New Month!



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