Naija Story- I Love You But Pls Sign The Marriage Contract First

nigerian jokesTerms and Conditions


Husband Must

1. Share equal loads of house work that involved mopping, laundry, washing dishes etc

2. Earn enough money for wife to shop 3 times a week on a busy week, 5 times a week on a non-busy week

3. Not exhibit any sexist behavior.

4. Share equal loads of baby caring that involves diaper changing, bathing baby, and legally putting baby to sleep.

5. Not treat wife as personal slave i.e “where is my food?’

6. Understand that he’s his wife’s sex-slave. She must get it anytime she wants, anywhere she wants.

7. Understand that #6 on the list is not reciprocal.

8. Not exhibit typical Nigerian man bushman mentality i.e Wearing green tie over purple suit.

9. Understand that as much as his wife loves her in-laws, they’re only allowed 1-day minimum 3-days maximum stay.

10. Not move family within 200 miles proximity of both side (wife and husband) of the family

11. Not gain over 20 pounds from his current weight before his 55th birthday

12. Understand that potbelly is a taboo in our household. Wife does want neighbors asking her for her husband’s dude date.

13. Ensure that both him and his wife spend and save wisely. Gucci and Dior are wise investments.

14. Give wife beautiful daughters and Handsome sons. Ugliness is a taboo (But you know that, what’s why I married you. None of your ugly family’s recessive gene must rear its horn).

15. Exhibit good hygiene i.e AT LEAST bath 2 times a day.

16. Repress emotional outburst or aggression while wife tries to explain why $1000 was spent in 5 days.

17. Understand that 75% of what he owns is now hers.


Wife Must

1. Make sure husband adheres to the terms and conditions.

While understand that one or two of the terms and conditions may be impossible to meet (#14), husband should try to do the best he can for harmony in this marriage.


Signatures: Husband ________________________________ Wife _____________________________________

Witness ________________________________


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  1. Rukky
    January 9, 2016 at 2:01 pm

    Lol! LWKMD

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