Naija Story- FG buys 200 exotic cars for First Ladies summit

Naija News-Goodluck Johnathan

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Why? Why na ? Uncle Jona and his confused cabinet people no dey disappoint in dia stupidity. E mean to say at dis point in time of major suffering, flooding, crash , hopeless and useless jagbajantis infrastructure in dis nation , dey still dey purchase new exatic cars. Di new president of Zambia dey sell her own  naija dey buy. Dis money dey wan spend dey inside budget ? Na so e be say prez Jonah go just wake up dey spend naija money with reckless abandon as as if na im personal cash. I pity this country. Daily Trust dey report say ;

“First Lady Patience Jonathan is the convener of the event, with the theme “The African Woman: A Voice for Peace,” which is expected to be attended by spouses of African leaders.

The cars comprise 80 units of BMW X3 and X5 series with a market value of N13.5 million each, while the remaining 120 are exotic models of Honda, Jaguar and others.”

Patience aka umblerra don become president of naija and Jona now na first lady. Which kind wasteful govt be dis,  money wey dem for use do developmental project and finish it for once that can benefit the citizens of our dear country Nigeria. After some people go talk say oga retardeen get good intension , nonsense!

Zambia’s president dey sell off luxury cars to get her country on track. Nigeria dey buy more cars and going further towards bankruptcy! Di tin wey Jonah and Pepe Patiance go do nigeria na only God go make di country survive.


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  1. Alvan
    October 15, 2014 at 9:31 am

    Na that name go destroy
    ur lineage idiot

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