Naija Story- Custody Battle LWKMD!

Akpos and wife were in court 4 divorce. D problem is who gets d custody of d child. D wife jumps up & said, ur honor I brought di child into this  world in pains & labour, he should b in my custody.!! D Judge turns 2 Apkos & asks what he has 2 say. Akpos then said calmly.. ” Yo ur honour, “if i put my ATM card into an ATM machine & cash comes out. .. whose cash is it?:…… mine or d machines’?

Lagos Flood

See wetin rain plus Lagos Flooddey cause. A married woman was yesterday found on the bed of a bachelor that lives three streets away and she claimed it was the flood that carried her away and put her on the bachelor’s bed!!!  Gbosa!


Dem Say Make I Go Hug Transformer

hug transfore photo

Working out. Walahi Talihi , Me I must get am po six pack and swag !!

6pack photo

Aki & Pawpaw heading for the NBA 

aki and paw paw photo

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