Naija story- Dame Patience Reporting For Duty As Perm Sec (PICTURE)

Acceptance Speech by Madam: From di botom of my hat and my husbans botom i say tank you for dis policy given to me for ruling. I promise to finalize all di short comingses of my great nation Bayelsa state. Never mind say I dey Abuja I will cary my duty onboarded and perform from remote. Tank u wans again for dis mighty oposition awarded towords me. Amem!Laughing
Wahala dey ooooo!!! Laugh go make me finish my airtime!

naija funny patience Johnathan

Yeepa…dis report for duty be like say na world war 3 wan happen. Naijs make una fear oo. Everybody prepare to return to ya village before Dame use her convoy demage person.

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