Naija Story- Conversation Between Goodluck & Patience lolz

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GOODLUCK:  I wonder what’s going on next door.

PATIENCE: It’s a birthday party!

GOODLUCK: Whose birthday party is it?

PATIENCE: I’m sure it’s Tuyu’s birthday.

GOODLUCK: How do you know?

PATIENCE: I heard them singing ”Happy Birthday Tuyu!’


The Phone Message

Donatus, a very shy boy, fell in love with a girl, name witheld, but  never proposed to her. They were so closed to the extent that  he found it difficult to  tell her. One day, Donatus decided to  express his feelings through a text message at about 12:00am with the  following WORDS:  “Dear…I Love You, but I’m afraid to tell you. Hope You Love me  too, reply me if you do”  Few seconds after he sent the Message, he got an alert on his  phone and felt so happy.

Donatus decided to open it the next day for a big surprise, he slept off. The next day, he checked  the message to  read the Suprise package from her but was shocked after  opening the Message. Guess what he Read??Here is it:

“Dear Customer, Message Sending  Failed due to Insufficient Balance. Please Recharge Your Account As Soon As  Possible, Thank You. Poor Bastard!

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