Naija News – We will Lose N50m Daily :Dana Air

Naija News - Dana Airlines PhotoNaija oo, you dey hear? Less dan one week wey di bodi of the people wey dem kill never enter ground, Dana airline through dia Group Director of Flight Operation Oscar Wilson dey beg say di company dey loose 2000 passenger daily wey amount to N5oMillion. See di kin nonsense dem dey talk, nobody dey talk say some family never see di body of dia people wey die, DANA no dey talk of compensation of the families, na how dem go make money and to make matters worse. di Secretary of Arline Operations of Nigeria , Mohammed Joji dey support dem . Im dey talk say di investigation no suppose be for purnishment but to find out wetin dey wrong fix am.

I wan slap person for that Dana Management, insensitive people. I no blame dem na Jonah and all dis leaders wey don make naija life worthless, no value , di one wey dey pain dem na N50million . Mumus, who give a s**t!

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