Naija News – Una Too Dey Born Pikin, Slow Down- GEJ

naija news -too many kids photoPikin no 4 na mistake, no. 5 nko, di tin shift, no. 6, di tin break, no 7, accidental discharge. Tori, Tori, Tooori!! Omo cool down !! Presido GEJ don beg naija people say make dem born di number of pikin dem fit afford. Im talk say naija na 160 million people and UN talk say im fit reach 400 millionn by 2050. Prez Jonah dey encourage programes wey go make people reduce di number of pikin but mention say becos naija na religious people di matter dey sensitive. For naija pikin na gift from God so to say reduce pikin na to say reduce God gift.Yikes

Hmm, na religion dey cause am abi una too like …….? Laugh go make me tear trouser now. To born pikin na di only sucess story wey comot from Nigeria. Presido know say tins no go better so imgoodluck johnathan photo dey warn una now, slooow down. See madam only once in *** months and di jara runs,ya girlfriends , leave am alone! Back up ya religion with pikin fasting. LoL!Tongue Out

On a serious note, na berra tin Oga Jonah dey yarn o. Who go feed ya pikins? Leave all dis God gift matter, na to bring people to di world to suffer be ya own? I get advice, women of naija, make una go strike, yes! Ocuppy , no agree for oga, tell am say na environmental sanitation and no market till im follow family planning. GEJ get ya back. E bi like say pikin go reduce but divorce go increase! Make ya choice.


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