Naija News- Telephone Don Jam Roadblock For Naija

News wnaija jokesey de land naija tori corner be say all the networks operators dem de mess up constantly now. Infact de free credit dem de dash people na joke. Why? because you go get free credit but the thing be like giving man wey get running stomach bitter leaf to chop.

Dem say to browse na click and go market come, de page go still de look u like Lucozade. MTN and Airtel according to report na biggest wahala. Airtel, dem go dash u free credit but u no go hear your partner’s voice clearly until the yeye bonus finish! That’s their new logic o, dem no go allow u enjoy the tin but u no fit deny say dem no give u!

Bunch of corrupt Nigerians don invade the telecommunication industry, we hear say they now run on chop and chop company. Naija tori de hear say for the regulatory body NCC, some people from the networks don use money close their eyes and mouth. Na fight and position de shele for dat corner. According to reports, The Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission Dr Eugene Juwah de fight for him working life as some power people wan comot am by fire by force for him position. Petition de come from left and center go reach EFCC, NSA, even sef president don get the attack. So make naija people ready for more telephone and internet roadblock since the fight na fight to finish and the networks don get liver to do and undo. God dey.

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