Naija News -Presidential Convoy Wan Kill People For Abuja

naija news -vp samboAll dis crazy vegetables wey dey rule naija. Dem no fit follow simple traffic rules. Vice president Sambo convoy not only dey go top speed but come dey do am for wrong side of the road. See wahala, na so people wey dey go correct way come dey quick comot for road , enter bush to save thier life sake of say Sambo follow go see Prez Jonah off as im go Belgium yesterday.

Some people wey Premium Times dey vex talk say “We were very vulnerable, and were expected to climb the culvert and run into the bush,” no excuse dey for dis kind behaviour. Another angry person we dey road write for facebook say  “I just witnessed madness playing itself out on the Musa Yar’Adua Airport Expressway in Abuja. Siren-blazing vehicles of ostensibly what Fela will call vagabonds in power (VIP) having succeeded in blocking and causing chaos on the side of the highway coming into town, another very long convoy faces us and is dangerously plying against traffic in difficult and rainy situation. May God save us!”  and Naija Tori say “Amen”



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