Naija News -Pastor Runs Mad While Praying For Mad Man

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Dis one na reverse transfer of annointing! Laugh go make me jump in front of convoy! See busy bodi pastor.  When di people of Oke-Ado for Ibadan wake up , den no go fit guess wetin dia eye go see. Shop owners and automobile dealers along Molete road in the town, on Thursday, get front row seat as cinema dey play for dia front. Abeg here dis tori.

Di pastor name na Timothy. Pastor Timo dey Ososami junctions of Oke-Ado around 5.20 p.m and go where mad man dey sit de mind im own business in front of one building dia. People dat side know di mad man as Tunde.  According to Tribune one shop owner Semiu talk say pastor go meet mad man begin dey read bible for the man come lay hands for mad man head, oturukweke!   Hia Semiu;

“At a point, there was a hot argument between the duo, which made the pastor to raise his voice as he was offering a deliverance prayer for Tunde, the mad man. The hot prayer lasted for over 15 minutes before another strange drama began,” Semiu told the Nigerian Tribune.

Di mad man vex remove pastor hand from in head and all of a sudden a strange tin happen. Pastor Timo begin pull cloth, Ejoor! No be small drama, look di picture. Di pastor dey complete naked, come lie flat for ground, speaking in strange tounge and foam come dey comot from im mouth. After both pastor and mad man come join siddon close togeda as people come dey look dem. Di tin na be say original mad man dey wear cloth but pastor dey butt naked. Na who mad pass now? Pastor  Timo still dey state of madness when Tribune comot

See as trouble dey sleep and yanga come wake am. Pastor Timo, di spirit suppose flow from you to mad man not from mad man to you. If you wan increase membership no be to go dey find mad mad trouble when your spiritual leg never strong reach. Imagine di imagination. Jesus power suppose be super power , dis pastor dey damage christian brand. Dis advice na to all pastors, if ya leg never strong reach no go put hand inside wetin no concern you, ok?





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    All ds na lie tori u go swear say na trueth?

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    na lie

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