Naija News – Oyibo Suicide For EFCC Custody

mauro zanin photoMy faith for naija agency dey so low di first tin wey come my mind be say efcc don share money kill di man. Mauro Zanin an Italian man wey dey custody sake of say im thief $111,000 from one nigerian wey im do business wit. EFCC say di man kill imself by strangulation the day before im suppose appear for court. The man use bedsheet strangle imself for were e dey dentension.

Abegi, help me understand how person fit strangle imself till im die, I undertsnad say person fit hang imself but to strangle urself i never here dat one, naija innovation.

No. 2 , since when naija detention center get bedsheet? I no wan laf o , but becos na oyibo dem give am bedsheet now e don take am kill imself. If na naija guy na for hard floor with enough suffering dem go give am. Even wit dis special treatment de man prefer to go straight to hell dan to remain for naija cell, na wa oo.

No. 3 Person dey kill imself because of $111,000 meanwhile naija assembly people dey thief double dat amount dey bounce tall dey make threat sef. No shame, no loss of dignity. Naija ew hail thee!


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