Naija News – Now Na Underwear Drug Smuggler Naija Dey Export

Grace-Beji photoA single mother of three children in Port Harcourt  Grace Beji, 47 go carry 1kg of drugs wey dem dey call methamphetamine. NDLEA catch am as she wan board  Egypt Airline flight to Malaysia and na inside her underwear dem find di parcel. Madam Grace say na because of to get rich quick na im she gree carry di drug, abeg help me here dis one;

“I agreed to smuggle the drugs because they promised to pay me $3,000. I blame myself because I wanted quick money. To me the money was an additional profit to my trading business. I was given the drug to swallow, but I could not ingest it for fear that it may burst so I hid it in my underwear.

“It was a momentary temptation that overwhelmed me. I was devastated when the drug was discovered by the NDLEA officers during screening.  I was reasonably ignorant of the gravity of the offence. I was assured an easy passage. They did not say that I could be arrested.”


See dis mumu , make she thank God say na for Lagos dem catch her because for Malaysia na one word only “death” . Gone too soon na im her pikin go hear. She get trading business so na greed dey worry  am, all di gold and  cloth she or buy dey do big madam . Yeye woman.

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