Naija News – Nigerians, top users of bleaching creams

Laugh wan make me tear my trouser!!  I know di problem, na Nepa cause am. AS nepa no dey people dey bleach to compensate so that di house can be brightThe World Health Organisation’s report say Nigerians are major users of skin lightening  products aka bleaching cream. Di report talk on the danger of mercury in skin lightening soaps and creams and show say that over 77% of Nigerians use such products on a regular basis.   The report, published this month by the organisation on its website, show say Togo follow with 59 per cent; South Africa, 35 per cent; and Mali, 25 per cent.   Di tin wey tura and sherley go cause? Make una love ya black skin, its beautiful di way God make am abeg. Dis one too much like what the hell are 77% of naija people  doing bleaching the skin? Who get answer? tell us for naija tori

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