Naija News- Naija must Go! Zimbabwe too dey hala!

nigerian immigrants

Na wa oo, see embarrasement! naija, naija ! everybody dey chase nigerians comot from dia country. See Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe kwa, wey hungry dey kill of all dem dia, one toilet roll dey cost 1million zim dollarsTongue Out. Wetin nigerians dey finde dia. What nonsense. See tori;

Immigration Department for Zimbabwe dey express concern over Nigerian nationals who dey attempt to frustrate deportation processes. Dem dey go Zimbabwe Supreme Court after arrest for staying in di country illegally dey make application.

Dey arrest Cletus Chukwuka Anueyiangu for city because im no get correct document and di court dismiss im case, na deportation centre im dey now. E come Zimbabwe say na holiday, den over stay, after im join church as junior pastor. Na only naija people sabi dey do church up and down! Person no get document dey do pastor, which kind message you dey preach if you no fit obey wetin authority talk. Chineke! Ewo! Embarrasment dey kill person even inside computer!

Ibo and naija people make una carry ya yansh siddon for one place, same tin dey happen for Ghana, see insult!!  Wetin dey Zimbabwe? Everywhere don turn to abroad? You fit do business with people wey no get water to drink. Dem dey complain bitterly about naija people according to Zimbabwe Herald. Di comments wey follow di article go make naija people cry. Abeg make Jonathan wake up, na fraustration dey make naija people dey go all dis places remain and na all naija people go collect di insult. See some of di comments from Zimbabwe people below;

tambwe – Monday, July  9, 2012 at 10:31 PM Any country that is infested by Nigerians and Chinese means it has gone to the dogs!  These nationals notoriety is well documented the world over.

“tongie moyo – Monday, July  9, 2012 at 08:23 PM  nigerians are a menace where ever they are trust me even if you deport him he will come back using another name. And this Chukwuka name I know another nigerian with same name he is always in jail so please return him back, nigeria is a rich country they must go back and work for their country not stealing from a strugling country like zimbabwe what they just want is the US dollar and ship it back to their country for the sake of our country zimbabwe deport him back”

Margaret – Monday, July  9, 2012 at 08:58 PM  Nigerians should just be deported back to their country Nigeria. Vawanda munomuZimbabwe and they are bringing chikuruku too much.
And all of them pretend to be pastors of some kind. Munhu ngaagare kumusha kwake.

des01 – Monday, July  9, 2012 at 09:14 PM   why do you accommodate them in the first place?  they are all crooks , and should be deported at first sight.where were they in our time of strife. now they come in as drug and human traffickers masquerading as christians. in fact, we don’t even have to have an embassy there and we red tag them as non allowed nationals. same as chinese.. just hit the road running. _we have our own problems, and if we keep these nigerians, we will end up with the whole country turning into hillbrow.. fraud, human trafficking,drug trafficking and gun running
gororo kumusha – Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at 01:19 AM  march out nigerians….we dont need crooks in our country atollo atollo. Aaah vanhu vepi. We want foreigners in our country but definately not illegal ones. makanganwa here manaijimbos aya ehonye pa MSU apa. Vaivata nemastudents wanike vasikana vobuda honye zasi uku vachiisa liver but were dying after abt 6 dayz..makororo kumusha. Plz send all of them back home.
Nigeria!!! Wahala dey ooooo!!



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