Naija News-Na who Dash Dame Patience Permanent Secretary?

dame-patience-jonathanNaija first Lady Dame Patience don become permanant secretary for Bayelsa State.Which kind magic be dis? Position wey dey reserved for senior civil servants wey don work tire for ministry na im one low civil servant wey dey leave since 1999 come from nowhere chop post becos she dey touch prezido. LWKMD Wahala dey ooo!

Di one wey make me laugh pass be say news people dey talk say she get  National Certificate of Education in Mathematics/Biology in 1989 from the Rivers State College of Education. She also get degree in Biology and Psychology (Education) from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State. So Madam Patience Jonathan go higher institution? E be like say na runs she take pass exam oh with all di shakabula grammer she dey blow abi na ibo language den dey take teach for Uniport? Laugh go make me bath on top transformer.

Di govnor of Bayelsa don kolo oo, e be like say na ARO di man suppose dey. Based on what did Patience qualify for this post. Na from Abuja she go dey work abi Govnor Dickson dey get plans , make dame dey near am …hmm!  E bi like say BAYELSA State don turn to ogogoro kingdom where  ogogoro dey influence decisions, even Jonathan don carry di ogogoro madness dey rule Nigeria dats why notin dey touch am  no matter how bad di tin be , e go just dey look like lookman no action.

Naija don turn to Nollywood movie abi na Charlie boy show; jaga jaga, scatter scatter! Naija don become personal property. If GEJ get shame, dame suppose decline di position unless GEJ don know say nothing for am in 2015 and dis employement na to secure the family for di future. I bow oo, anyway, Congrats madam Dame abi wetin remain to talk again.


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  1. February 13, 2016 at 7:10 am

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