Naija News- Na Big Men Send Us; Pipeline Vandals

Na today? Before nko? Na dis hungry looking people go use dia money buy tanker dey carry out dis operation? Police catch pipeline thief and one of them Ismaila Sulaiman, confess say na big big men for naija send dem di work  to thief petrol and oda petroleum products. Na Ogun state Sulaiman and four oda member s of dia gang dey operate, dem say as soon dey see NNPC pipeline na drill dem go use with valves transfer the petrol to dia tankers.  oil tanker vandals nigeria

“It is a very big business sponsored by very rich Nigerians. We load more than 10 tankers before we relocate to another spot for fear that law enforcement agents might trace us. I do not know how they got wind of this deal because we normally have a very strong security arrangement,” .

E get anyting wey police know apart from too dey collect egunje, dey harras innocent people wey dey go about dia work? Meanwhile robbers, kidnappers, political thieves and boko haram dey go free. Nonsence. Of course big men dey sponsor dis people, na for where Sulaiman and im gang members go see money buy tankers and valves etc So wetin be di names of the big men? Police suppose dey name and shame, instead now na settlement dey go dey find and di matter go just die down. Naija, naija naija, how many times you hear ya name? Wahala dey ooo!



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