Naija News- Lawangate bribery homevideo Go Land National TV

lawan otedola audio photoFrom di stables of Gbomogbomo corruption film studios, we go bring you an Otedola movie, cordinated and directed by SSS Oloshi limited, marketed and distributed by Aro kolomental naija & sons, 98 ibimpejo lane PortHacourt. LAWANGATE- Di Movie!

My naija people, una get ya popcorn, guguru or ekpa and coke or pure water ready because Punch newspaper dey report say di bribery video starring Farouk Lawan, Otedola and co go fit land national television anytime soon. Six video tapes and 16 audio tapes go fit het ya screens so as boys scout dey say “be prepared” make sure fuel dey ya generator incase NEPA wan mess dia life as usual. Naija Tori show una road to take ya ear listen to di audio soon (fingers crossed) we go see di action see as big men dey take do di deed korokoro. If and when dat time come, naijatori go show you live so stay tuned.

Meanwhile Oga bribo Lawan dey denounce and deny di audio tape recording, adding that it was manipulated. Im no dey deny say na me but na manipulation , oturukweke ! Laugh go make me dance naked for market. Na manipulation wey im dey find TJ number to give Otedola, or when im dey talk say im dey plane but go arrange how im go get di money? Anyway one SAN Chief Mike Ozekhome who dey represent Lawan and collect im share of di dollars dey talk am. According to oga SAN di audio was “funny, phoney, satanic and manipulated”  and  that the audio is infertile, vague, puerile and inadmissible in evidence by any court of law or Tribunal. Gbosa!!!!!

Oga lawyer , dis one no be to dey blow grammer, thief na thief. Walahi some lawyers no get shame just like dia client but na naija wey dey, di man dey hussle too!

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