Naija News- LAWANGATE: $620,000 Bribe Money Has Been Spent – Police

Naija News- Hon. Farouk Lawan photo


Chop, clean mouth! Naija Police na wa, so dem tink say di money dey somewhere before? Nobody go dey suprised if the money don disappear but I doubt say dey don spend am finish. Di money dey one country for Europe dey provide interest and employemnt for dem dat side. Who know no from beginning say dis lawbreakers in the house of reps be senior thiefs. Dey don share di money finish, make police just round up all of dem plus including speaker but dat one no go happen , na naija wey dey. I sure say all of dem dey think say dis matter go die and remain small dem go dey correct. Naija don dey take style become one of di worst if not the worst country for corruption.

Make we take see as this comedy drama go take end.


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