Naija News -nepa photoPrez Jonah don turn comedian. Light for all by the year 2000, now na light for all and among di best by 2020. Na who elect dis carrot? 2020! When in tenur go soon end, why not do di one wey ew go see before 2015 . Hmm! campaign don start be dis, so di rope be say , elect me again for 2015 den by the time i don spoil naija kpatakpata comot power go be di best. Na by magic?

Presido give dis assurance on Thursaday in Lagos  at the 40th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), even though we know say Jonah dey Belgium dat time. E send person to represent am, ie Dr Samuel Ortom, Minister of State for Trade and Investment. Jonah get sense sha, im for go by imself yarn dis nonsence make person see egg throw for im face. Di Mininster countinue dey yarn say ,

“we will do everything possible to address the structural weaknesses standing between us and revolutionising the power sector. “Nigeria is on the threshold of history, ready to join the world economic powers in the very near future.”

Seriously WTF!!!! For how many years now wetin presido don do with power wey go make person believe dis one. How many years now? everytime na to dey postpone work till time wey person no go remeber sey im make promise. Since Jonah dey incharge no who get constant light for one year. Smh! Small Ghana next door get power and even do celebration some years back of one year without power interuption. Prez Jonah own na to dey carry big delegation dey go around di world.

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