Naija News – GEJ heads to Brazil As parts of Naija dey burn

johnathan in brazil photo“Nigerians dont panic, terrorists attacks happens everwhere” – GEJ. Maybe┬áPresido dey go bring back all di yoruba brazillians wey dey Brazil. Bombings, repraisals, counter repraisals etc. Kaduna and Yobe dey burn and the Commander in Chief don enter private jet and off to┬áBrazil. Anyway presido don give us the solution, im talk say make naija people “pray” and by end of June Boko Haram will be finished, as June never finish no need to complain. Nigerians never see any benefit from all di foreign travel wey Jonah dey travel, na only when im pocket dey affected presido dey act.

State govment useless, police useless, all eye dey presido… babaas! The most confused president in the world suppose dey house make sure say tins dey in order, people dey die anyhow, christians dey under attack, moslems dey under attack Boko Haram is in charge ..God help us

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