Naija News– FUTA Female Student Steals 32 Packs Of Condom




Police for Akure on Thursday arrest a 27-year-old student of Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) Di babe thief  32packs of condoms from a shopping mall. Sista condom no know say dem dey monitor her, she pretend several times as if she dey queue to pay , small time she come do as if she dey   receive or make phone calls before she run like Usain Bolt commont with di items but security guards catch am and later she arrested by the police.

Na wa oo, dis no be joke, serious issue dey here, na only she wan use am?Maybe e get as e dey do am and her boyfriend no get money to buy. At least di girl get sense to practice safe sex because she no wan catch ADISA! lol

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