Naija News-Four Airlines May Shut Down If New Age Limit Is Approved

naija news

Minister of Aviation Stella Oduah


Punch Newspaper  dey carry report say di Federal Government’s new plan to announce 15 years as new age limit for commercial aircraft go spell disaster for four airline because dia entire fleet go disappear. Some industry experts dey yarn say di plan dey unrealistic because it go result in di banning of around  38 jets, which represent 60 per cent of di commercial airlines’ planes for di  country.and dis 38 planes dey fly for eight domestic airlines.

Di four airline wey go disappear if the law pass na FirstNation Airlines, Dana Air, IRS Airlines and Chanchangi Airlines.

If naija no get aircraft e better make person know say plane no dey dan to go die for air. which kind yeye industry expert be dis. If e represent 60% nko? 60% of nothing,, dead old oyibo throway cargo na im dey want to dey use dey carry people like say na nama. Close dem down better pass killing people, issue licence to people wey get money to order new aircraft, chikena!

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