naija news- national stadium on fire photoAbeg make stadium no burn oo, na di only hope of unilag MAULAG students for renaming , make Jonah leave dia school alone rename stadium but if stadium come burn, okpari! For early morning today some parts of national stadium catch fire. According to Supersport e be like say na electric spark for di restaurant wey cause  am.  Fire brigade people dey on ground to quench di fire make e no too spread beyond the D-Entrance. Suprise say dem get water.  Despite the fire for  morning, noraml activities resume as boxing gym wey deay near di fire place dey full of people wey dey train.

For peopel wey no know, National stadium Lagos was built in 1972 to serve as the main venue for the 1973 edition of the All Africa Games. Bet di sporting edifice has been abandoned since 2001 as it has been reduced to a haven for squatters.


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