Naija News-Feared Oluolu Masqurade Given Sound Beating By Operation Bust Ibadan

Oloolu-Masqurade photo









Laugh no go kill me o, I think dem say masqurade na spirit, why e no disappear now? Wahala start when some muslims who dey observe di eighth day fidau prayer of a colleague, at Popoyemoja, tell masquerade and dia supporters not to come to the area because women go dey dia and dem no suppose see di masquerade according to their belief but di masquerade people ignored di warning.

Katakata burst and fight start, operation bust land and bust open di masqurade, remove im mask and arrest about 20 of the followers of masquared. News spead say masquarade don die but di man wey dey wear di masquarade dey among people wey go report for the Olu of Ibadan.

Oga masqurade sorry o , person bin tink say una be spirit. Ekpele oo







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