Naija News- Camel Kill Yahaya Wey Dey For Governor Convoy

naija news photoDis convoy people no dey hear word! The Head of the Special Protection Unit of Zamfara State Governor AbdulAziz Yari, Mr Ado Yahaya, on Sunday die for accident involving the governor’s convoy camel. Mr Camel dey go im go je je and di govnor convoy dey high speed as usual. No do no do , gbosa! dem don jam camel, one person die and some police for di convoy sustain injury. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) report say di govnor don give oda for di corpse to be conveyed to Gusau for funeral rites, while the injured policemen go addmission for di Medical Centre, Gusau. One question , DI CAMEL NKO? See animal cruelty, dem go live that one to die.

Where dem always dey rush go, noise pollution everytime because sey big man dey go from a to be. Now look , camel just injure for notin, several people dey hospital andperson die. RIP








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