Naija News- Boko Haram don Rebrand Come Lagos? Police arrest man with explosives

bomb in imo state photoGod purnish devil o, dey don come Lagos. Police for Lagos yesterday confirm say dem dey interrogate a man wey carry some items wey resemble explosives. The Nation newspaper say na for Orile Bstop dey catch di man . Hey! Orile ndi ogomu!!

Di Commissioner of Police in charge of di bomb disposal unit, Mr Foluso Adebanjo, confirm say di man dey dia custody. Im talk say: “A man was arrested and we are still interrogating him and cannot say whether what was found on him are explosives or not for now”.

Lawal be di name of di suspect and di bagger join members of Living Faith Church, aka Winners’ Chapel, as dem dey go for worship at the church’s headquarters in Sango Ota, Ogun Sate.

One of di worshipers , name witheld say di man dress one kind and come dey behave somehow; “He was looking shabby but when scrutunised closely, we discovered he had some celotaped substances with a celotaped mobile phone on his hand.

“We became suspicious because wire was attached to the substance and it looked carefully seal,” he said.

See naija, see wahala oo, na mobile phone explosives be di new one now? E no go better for people wey no wan peace! Make police quick do dia investigation oo, Oga Jonah maybe na you go come to south west in person to fight terrorism now! God save Nigeria.

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