Naija News -Boko Haram Don Join US Terrorist list

naija news -boko haram photoPeople dey pass jamb enter uni, boko people don pass qualification to join”Specially Designated Global Terrorists”list for america. I know say naija no like to carry last but this kind rebranding no be the type we want na? The three Boko Haram people wey dey dis list na  Abubakar Shekau, aged around 43, di Boko Haram leader who say im go follow  al Qaeda for video message; Abubakar Adam Kambar, aged roughly 35; and Khalid al Barnawi, aged approximately 36. All three are native Nigerians.

Dis na good tin but the bad tin inside now be say all innocent people wey get the badluck of having di same name as dis guys , dia life don finish be dat. If you wan travel abroad now na so so stop and search and mistaken identity wahala even if di person na 1 year old pikin. Uncle Jona, you never finish for Brazil ? Life dey tough for naija oo, Boko don take over even don dey define naija image for abraod now . Which way naija ? If you dey naija life no safe,even to chop suya now na die,  if you manage run comot , oyibo go dey question you for office and everywhere to explain Boko Haram as if person get share for dia business. If anybody know presido tell am to step up quick if not im go know say yansh na bodi very soon.



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