Naija News -African Scientists Warn of New Disease

All of una wey dey chop Monkey make you listen oo.  New disease don land , di name na ‘Simian Foamy Virus’ and im dey come from choppimng monkey and Ape. Scientists for Cameroun dey call am the next HIV and can lead to global crisis. Wahala! na who dey chop monkey?? Dey say africa people dey call am bush meat. Amagoiddon! di bush meat wey person dey chp for naija na monkey? Anu nchi no be monkey abi, ejoo, maybe na cameroun people dey chop am. Nobody yet know di way di disease go ttrasfer from the monkey to person but e be like say na through exposure to blood, saliva and oda body fluid from di affected animals.

So as you dey saute and barbacue your monkey dey chop am with suya pepper and buttermilk biscuit make you know say na new HIV you dey chop so . Naija Tori don warn you!




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