Naija News- Accidental Discharge By Police Chaplin


Wahala dey oo. one police chaplain, Mr. Moses Adekola, dey under arrest for State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba, Lagos, for shooting a tricycle operator (keke Napep), Mr. Anthony Samuel, on Tuesday in Ikeja area of Lagos. Dem say after investigation na attempted murder dem go chrage am. Oga Adekola na  assistant superintendent of police and a minister of God, im suppose know better. Di keke napep  driver Antony Samuel  say;

“On Tuesday, around 6pm, I was carrying passengers to Ikeja Bus Stop but on getting to Medical Road, I saw the policeman (Adekola)

tricycle-operator-Mr.-Anthony-Samuel photo


attempting to cross the road. So, I slowed down for him. “However, the policeman still did not cross. So, I thought maybe he wanted me to drive past before he would cross. As I drove closer, he still attempted to cross so I swerved in the opposite direction and continued going.

E be like say olokpa chaplin no find am funny because as keke dey return from dropping passenger , di next tin e hear be gbosaa!! Oga police wait for am and fire shot at him but im get luck cause bullet miss important place but catch di shoulders. Di police wan run but oda keke operators and okada gada catch am and even as e dey raise gun dem descend on di baggar but no fit give am sound beating because police people come carry am say dem go arrest am, meanwhile  na hospital Antony land adn quick action help stop di bleeding.

Dem go dey advertise say police na ya friend, when all dis kind nonsense go stop. dis one no be accidental discharge na on purpose discharge. Di police wait forl di guy to drop passenger and turn round, thank God di idiot no fire at di passenger but still armed robber and police di only difference na uniform. Naija, wahala dey oooo!



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