Bomb wan explode for naija House of Reps and dis one no be boko haram. Everybody get ya popcorn & coke, guguru & ekpa, show don start. Oga Reps dem cut short dia holiday for emergency session on friday to discuss di matter of $3million bribe, now dem dey fear say the scandal go reach speaker. Bombs dey blast for churches, aeroplane dey drop from sky notin happen for Reps but as soon as money matter don enter di equation Reps people suspendĀ  holiday. I no know wetin dey to fear, you collect bribe abi you no collect ? Dat is the question.

Police invite Mr Farouk to come within 24hr to answer bribery alligation but oga no show face. When camera don catch you dey demand bribe wetin remain? We go soon hear e don run go Dubia, no be di root Ibori take? Meanwhile di lawmakers dey quarel wetin dem go do. Some say make dem suspendĀ  Farouk other say make im step down as chiarman for committe . All dis na story, Farouk don talk say im tell di leadership of the House about di $3million dollars. Make we siddon look as heads begin to roll.

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