Naija News- 2 Nigerian illegal immigrants strip naked in protest Of Deportation

nigerian immigrantsChristantus Okonkwo from Orlu in Imo State and John Osagie aka (Papy) from Benin, Edo State, were arrested by di Italian police becasue dem drink plenty Sapele water come dey disturb di neighbourhood. Police come discover say di guys no get kpali, no paper and transfer den straight to deportation camp. For airport drama begin, Malpensa International Airport Milan na were dis guys pull cloth strip naked in protest dey find sympathy from di immigration officials but notin for dem. Dey come get luck when one naija man wey marry Italo babe come pity dem get lawyer for dem.

Okonkwo don live in Europe for 12 years without a residence permit, while John Osagie who enter the country illegally from Libya to seek political asylum, which the Italian government denied him chose to remain there for the past 2 years. When den ask dem why dey pull cloth , okonkwo say;

” having spent 12 years in Europe as a whole without achieving anything how can I go back to Nigeria empty handed. I have no papers, no job, no wife and children, no house of my own both in Nigerian and in Europe. I have not achieved anything in Nigeria. I don’t want to go back to Nigeria to face the shame.”

See dis mumu, na who get fault say ya life dey upside down. Dey disgrace naija up and down dey tell nonsense story, if person check now dis guys fit get wife and children dey abandon for naija dey find wetin no find dem in Italy all because of say dem wan dey abroad. Bro Okonkwo, come home, go find ya family farm go work. Mary one small girl wey go born you pikin dey tell story of wetin you see for Europe. Na advise naija tori get for you. Nonsence!

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