Naija Jokes- The News Caster Is Escaping!

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A naija Boko Haram member took his Radio for repairs .The repair man open di radio , when the Radio was opened, a rat jumped out of it, na so di Boko haram guy begin dey shout for hausa say  “ku tai maka mai bada labaru zai gudu, ku tai maka mai bada labaru zai gudu” (Help! Help! Help!) the news caster is escaping!




Till Death Do Us Path

A man and im wife had di following discussion :

Wife: If I had known you’re so poor I wouldn’t have married you!

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Husband: Hahaha! I kept on telling you then, you were just too dumb to understand. I kept saying “You are the only thing I have in this world!!! Tongue Out

Di babe no quick wake up, see now! Cool

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