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Pls friends o , my naija people and friends of nigeria

REJOICE witht me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Finally…I f0und mia S0UL MATE………d stupid haircream was under mia bed!


Happy Bad-Day!!

Akpos: Happy Birthday Sweetie
Girl: Thanks so much baby…So what’s my birthday gift?naija jokes photo
Akpos: (pointing) Can you see that red BMW parked over there?
Girl: Oh my God!….yes….yes…yes…I can’t believe this…
Akpos: I bought you a toothbrush of the same colour…
Girl: Na THUNDER go fire you!

Akpos baba!!!


Naija Tori dictionary definitions:

-Stupidity is when a man sleeps with c0untless Ladies with0ut c0nd0ms but still carries his 0wn clipper to the barber’s sh0p .
-RACISM is when a white BB Bold 6 cost more than a black BBBold 6.
-NEMESIS is when you submit your answer sheet with your expo inside.
-A WITCH is that girl that eats nkwobi, fish pepper soup, shawama, suya, chicken, smirnoff, fayrous & when you take her home she says sorry I’m on my period.
-OVERSABI is when you are eating salad with a girl & she says ‘honey, this food no done’.
-OLODO is when you are in a plane with a guy & he says ‘honey I’m hot, can you please roll down the glass’
-STINGYNESS is when you finish reading this and you refuse to like & share

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