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“He is Jehovah Omni-brancher,

Jehovah talk na do,

Jehovah over do,

Jehovah pondermonium(God of shock and suprise).

pandemonium !!!! aaahh wahala dey oo!

Jehova Elsoji


National Anthem

Akpos was arrested by the police and taken to court.

Magistrate: Akpos, you were arrested on the expressway for abruptly stopping your car in the middle of the road and causing 10 other vehicles behind you to run into one another thereby causing damages and injuries, Are you guilty or not?

Akpos: I’m not guilty sir.

Magistrate: What is your defence?

Akpos: I heard the national

anthem on the car radio and as a

good citizen, i stopped immediately and stood at attention…

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Question time

Uncle: What’s 10 plus 10?

AKPOS: I don’t know.

Uncle: Idiot! You can’t answer such a cheap sum…Your stupidity will kill you.

AKPOS: Uncle, if you saw a 1000 naira note and a 500 naira note which would you pick?

Uncle: 1000 of course

AKPOS: Can’t you pick both? Na Poverty go kill you.

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