Naija jokes : Na Who Sharp Pass

An American (Larry),an English man (Charles),and a Nigerian (Akpors) were on a ship,Suddenly the Devil appeared & said, “Drop anything in the sea,if I find it I will eat u,If I can’t,I will be ur slave!”

The American dropped a pin,the Devil found it & ate him. The English man dropped a coin, the Devil found it & ate him.

The Nigerian (Akpos) opened a bottle of water,poured it in the sea & said: “Na today? Ur Fada! Gon find am nah!!!


See Life?

The Lawyer hopes you get into trouble

The Doctor hopes you fall ill

The police hopes you become a criminal The Coffin Maker wants you dead!

Only the thief dey pray for you to make it in life. Just Imagine!



A guy sits in a taxi and sees his wife entering a hotel with another man, and tells the driver. Do you want to Earn $500 right away ?,,,, The driver excitedly said what do I have to do ? Bring my wife by the hair out of that hotel, here’s a picture of her. After a while the driver is seen dragging a woman by the hair, While kicking and beating her and puts her in the Taxi. And the husband says to him, “This is not my wife” the driver replied ” Nooooo , this is mine, hold her for me.

I’m going for yours”!

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    Quite hilarious.
    Check them out and indicate
    the one that got you laughing
    so hard:
    1 Bloggers Are So Much That
    The Friend You Invited To
    Check Out Your Blog….. Created
    His Own Blog And Copied All
    Your Contents.— Comedienne
    2, 2013
    2 Only in Yoruba movies that
    someone will die with an Afro
    & his spirit will come back
    with low
    MORE JOKES— Comedienne
    1, 2013
    3 Any engagement ring in yur
    hand beyond 2yrs is already a
    MORE JOKES.— Comedienne
    1, 2013
    4 How can u say tony umez
    paracetamol advert video is
    better danSkelewu Video..
    people are wicked o o o o
    oo#Skelewu— COMEDIAN
    22, 2013
    *Mata is anything that has
    weight and occupies bench—
    22, 2013
    5 GOBE is when you’re offered
    7.1million naira for sex and
    you refused but on your way
    home you gotraped. ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡)”—
    25, 2013
    6 Mata Or Termite. Who chop
    bench pass ?— COMEDIAN
    27, 2013#EayaIs
    7 WhenYou Pay A Lecturer To
    Pass You To Graduate, Then
    Next Day, The Lecturer Dies!—
    31, 2013
    8 I wish HIV results r
    announced on TV. After d test,
    U’ll have to gather wit Ur
    family and well-wishers to
    know Ur fate in NTA 7 O’clock
    1, 2013
    9 What shall it profit a guy to
    have six packs, nice abs, pink
    lips and only to be … IMPOTENT
    ☹— Comedienne Princess
    29, 2013
    10 You dey use Ipad 4,
    Blackberry Z10, Latest Car but
    dey share shaving stick… My
    broda, your MUMU is 6G..—
    Comedienne Princess
    (@PrincesComedian)July 11,
    11 Naija girls have a funny
    way of asking if u have a
    girlfriend, they ‘ll be like ‘don’t
    allow ur GF to come and break
    my head oooooooh.— Bright
    14, 2013
    12 A lady wearin Brazilian hair
    of 300k & complaining of
    Does she nid a prophet 2 tell
    her dat she’s carryin 2plots of
    land on her head?— Bright
    Okpocha (@BasketMouth_)July
    7, 2013
    13 Most Girls pray For
    Hardworking men,Yet they
    don’t respond To Greetings
    From Bricklayers :s— Bright
    Okpocha (@BasketMouth_)May
    10, 2013
    14 Your boyfriend should not
    be your source of income. My
    dear its a relationship, not a
    job opportunity.— Bright
    (@BasketMouth_)February 28,
    15 U Don’t Need a car to
    Impress a Lautech Girl.. Just
    Wear a Starched Shirt and
    Hold a Car key!— Bright
    (@BasketMouth_)February 24,
    16 U take picture, e no fine, u
    come dey claim say ‘beauty is
    from within’ …. Why u no take
    X-ray?— Bright Okpocha
    (@BasketMouth_)January 23,
    17 U go carry cement for
    backyard come tweet “Just
    back from the Gym” …God is
    Watching You”— Nkem Owoh
    (@MrOsuofia)October 4, 2013
    18 There’s a reason ur boo
    doesn’t take pictures with
    you. Don’t force it with
    picmix!— Nkem Owoh
    (@MrOsuofia)September 21,

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