Naija Jokes -Love Cake

One day, oga decided to give his wife a surprise package. He moulded a big heart cake (♥) with the assistance of the househelp, a project which took almost the whole day.

Madam came back and met the househelp sleeping and snoring:

Madam: Will you get up now! silly girl. What have you been doing since morning?

Househelp: Madam welcome. No vex abeg. Me and oga dey make love since morning. Na just now now we finish I say make I lie down small…

Imagine what will happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alam Don Scatter


Who wants to be a millionaire?

Question 1 for N500,000.

Which of these is the official website of NSCDC?



C. ww.nscdc datz all


You have 3 lifelines.

1. Ask your BB contacts.

2. 50/50

3. Ask your oga @ the top

Wetin be the nswer?

What is badluck?

Bad luck is when you are wearing “my oga @ d top ” T shirt and den you get into trouble wit civil defence.  That one na  www. Serious beating daz all u’ll get.


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    Very funny,but not too funny

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